Sanav GX-101

GPS/GSM Tracker

GX-101 is specially designed for the vehicle tracking application, equipped with Siemens GSM module and GM-158 (MTK-3301 GPS chipset) GPS receiver. The rugged metallic structure is a best match for in-car environments. Opened I/Os are provided for sensors and relays. To secure your favorite cars, GX-101 will be your best choice.
Application Diagram
GPS/GPRS Tracker-MT-102
GPS/GSM Tracker
  • High GPS and GSM sensitivity
  • Send position via defined routers
  • 2 Output and 6 Input are available
  • Configure via PC software or SMS
  • Programmable auto report
  • Polling current position by dialing or sending an SMS command
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Assent/Container Tracking

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